Why the plague is so deadly, still

Black Death cropped
Black Death (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How the plague uses stealth tactics and friendly fire to kill.

Few infections are as notorious or as deadly as the plague. Three widespread pandemics in recorded history have been attributed to the plague, a disease caused by infection with the bacterium Yersinia pestis.

The impact of this single microorganism in shaping our collective past is almost incomprehensible from the safe distance of time – the last pandemic subsided in the early 20th century. The deadliest of the three pandemics – known as the Black Death – reached across Asia, Europe and Africa to wipe out up to a quarter of the World’s population in the 14th century and continued to wreak havoc throughout Europe well into the 17th century. So infamous is the plague that it has become simply the plague, laying claim to a word that once referred to all pandemic disease outbreaks. Continue reading “Why the plague is so deadly, still”