How microbes affect you from brain to bowel
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How microbes affect you from brain to bowel

From Cosmos Magazine, September 5-9, 2016. (Photo: Lactobacillus casei by AJC1 via Flickr) Not a day goes by without some new study proclaiming the importance of our microbes to our health. It’s hard to keep up, and hard to sort the wheat from the chaff, the mildly interesting association from the water-tight causal link. I recently wrote … Continue reading


Probiotic yoghurt counteracts fast food diet

Beneficial gut bacteria boost the immune system to prevent obesity in mice, regardless of diet. The Western lifestyle, with its abundant fast food, is wreaking havoc with our waistlines and sending many of us to early graves. A high fat, high salt, low-cost diet has been fuelling an obesity epidemic in industrialised nations and, increasingly, in developing countries. While … Continue reading