New News: an experiment in online science reporting


When it comes to science writing, there is ample free content on the internet, and much of it – especially from the blogosphere – very high quality. But can an online publication that relies on free, crowdsourced content still be of high quality and have a viable business model. This was the topic of a workshop run as part of the Melbourne Writer’s Festival. I went along as an observer and reported back to the Croakey blog, here.

Or, if you’d prefer to read without clicking, here’s what I had to say:

Experiments, as any honest scientist or amateur chef will tell you, can be tricky. Do you have all of the ingredients you need, and are the incubation conditions just right?

Last weekend, a bold experiment in new media and health journalism was conducted at the Melbourne Writers Festival, as part of the New News conference. Continue reading “New News: an experiment in online science reporting”