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The antioxidant paradox: supplements could be doing you more harm than good

Supermarkets are full of products that market themselves as superfoods and spruik their antioxidant content, but are antioxidants as healthy as we’ve been led to believe? Ever since large observational studies linked antioxidant-rich diets with good health, taking antioxidant supplements has seemed like a healthy way of boosting our antioxidant intake. But rigorous ransomised controlled … Continue reading


Cycling to chemo: exercise during cancer treatment

Forget the anti-oxidant–rich red wine and chocolate. If you really want something that’s going to prevent cancer, start exercising. Not only does exercise help to prevent a raft of life-threatening conditions such obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, and play a role in keeping mental health in check by preventing depression and anxiety, but … Continue reading