The next generation of weapons against antibiotic-resistant superbugs

From Cosmos Magazine, June 30, 2017 (Image: naturalismus via Flickr) 

At his North Adelaide practice, Peter-John Wormald has the unenviable job of unblocking the noses of people with chronic sinusitis. Many of his patients have spent years on antibiotics that have failed to budge their infection, providing the perfect breeding ground for resistant superbugs.

For four out of five of them, surgery is the answer. Wormald carves away inflamed tissue, widens sinus openings and flushes out accumulated pus. For the stubborn one in five, however, Wormald is conducting one of the world’s first clinical trials into phage therapy, a century-old idea that predates modern antibiotics.

Such trials are desperately needed. We are on the threshold of returning to the dark ages that preceded antibiotics. Read more… 

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