Odds and ends – three new podcasts

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December was a busy month, and it is about time I linked to some of the fruits of my labour. Below are links to three podcasts I recorded for Up Close. Together, they cover a diverse range of topics from lung cancer and fatty liver disease, to the human impact on global fish stocks. Enjoy!

Peak Fish: Rising human consumption of seafood and its implications

In this episode, fisheries scientists Tim Dempster and Reg Watson discuss the pressures on wild fish stocks and debate the role of aquaculture in feeding an increasingly populous world. Reg has a phenomenal list of publications on his website – a fantastic, and incredibly sobering resource for anyone interested in the human impact on global fisheries.

Healthy moves: Exercise for cancer patients and insights into arthritis

This was the first of our summer PhD episodes, featuring the work of PhD students at the University of Melbourne. Physiotherapist Catherine Granger talks about whether exercise is beneficial to lung cancer sufferers, and Tommy Liu explains how mice are generating insights into arthritis in humans.

Conditions of affluence and aging: Fatty liver disease, macular degeneration

Our second summer PhD episode looked at diseases of affluence and aging. Physicians and doctoral students Dr Chris Leung and Dr Madeleine Adams discuss their research into unravelling the causative factors behind fatty liver disease and macular degeneration, respectively. Madeleine also discusses the intriguing phenomenon of survivorship bias, a common problem in studies trying to find genetic associations in elderly people.

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