The obligatory first post…

Perhaps a more prudent way of commencing would have been to have a first post ready before hitting the Create Blog button. As it turns out, my preparation for this venture into blogger-ville is about what those who know me might expect – a little rushed.

In any case, Archimedes Soapdish has sprung into existence, and its cyberpages are waiting patiently for me to fill them.

What is Archimedes Soapdish?

It’s an exploration of the world through the lens of science – the Eureka moments, and the not-so-but-still-kinda-curious findings that pepper the intervening pages of scientific literature. Archimedes Soapdish is not discipline-specific – I’ll write about whatever topics come my way, take my fancy, and seem worthwhile writing up.

Why? Because I figured I should give this thing a go, and have been amply inspired by others out there – others who daily prove that quality can and does exist in the blogosphere.

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