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Is this tiny Australian bird an ecosystem engineer?
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Is this tiny Australian bird an ecosystem engineer?

(Forty-spotted Pardalote photo by Francesco Veronesi via Flickr) The Forty-spotted Pardalote is tiny – the endangered songbird measures just a palm’s width from head to tail. Yet its daily activities could be having a big impact in the Manna gum canopies where they forage, a recent study suggests. Manna gums (Eucalyptus viminalis), along with a … Continue reading


Learning during amnesia, probing our moral compass and brain apps for kids

Few areas of science are better equipped to delve into the mysteries of what it means to be human than neuroscience. With techniques such as fMRI illuminating the inner workings of our brain and billions of dollars being invested to map each neuron in our head, the field is blossoming. But joining the dots between brain activity and behaviour is still … Continue reading