I am a freelance science journalist based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve written on a variety of topics, but I’m naturally drawn to evolutionary biology, medicine and microbes of all persuasions.

My work has been published by Science, Nature MedicineABC Health & Wellbeing, Cosmos, The Conversation, Australasian Science Magazine and others. I’ve also guest blogged for United Academics Magazine.

For two years running, I have had articles selected for inclusion in The Best Australian Science Writing (2014 and 2015), published by NewSouth Books.

I am a regular co-host on Triple R’s Einstein-a-Go-Go science radio show and have hosted and produced science episodes for Up Close, the University of Melbourne’s podcast. I’ve also written and recorded for ABC Radio National’s Ockham’s Razor.

I have a PhD in plant genetics, but I’m happy to have ditched the pipette and labcoat to get out and snoop around the scientific terrain being explored by others. I have a Masters in Journalism/Professional Writing to help me share what I find.

I occasionally tweet @dyanilewis.

Here’s a somewhat out-of-date photo of me (one day I’ll get around to organising a fresh one):


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